Work 4 hours and earn 60,000 a month

Working in the largest company in the world is everyone’s dream. But, if the job is a delivery boy, some may hesitate. However, the only reality is that this is no small task. Apart from hard work, this work also earns you a lot of money. This option is especially useful for the unemployed, especially when the world’s largest online shopping company has to do the job. There are no restrictions on this work. If you can’t do a full-time job, you can do it as a part-time job. If so, we’ll tell you what to do.

Who are these Delivery Boys? Delivery Boy or Delivery Girl is known for delivering products or packages to customers of online or retail companies.

Delivery Boy takes the package from Amazon’s warehouse to customers. Delivery boys nationwide deliver millions of packages every day. Delivery Boy needs to deliver 100 to 150 packages per day. 10-15Delivery stays in the kilometer range

Amazon has 18 centers in Delhi. Almost all cities in India have Amazon centers. All packages are delivered to the customer’s address. The package is from the Amazon Center10–15Delivery in km area.

How to apply Amazon site for you directly for delivery boy work apply at In addition, you can apply for a job by visiting any Amazon center. In most centers, the delivery boy’s job is empty. If there is no vacancy then you can register your name for that job for the future. When there is Vacancy, you get a job there.

Register online
You can register to get a delivery boy job on Amazon through your email id. For this, fill out the entire form properly and do not leave any information. Also read the Terms of Service carefully. The company will ask about you for a background check, don’t deny it.

Does the company give you a vehicle? If you have your own scooter and bike, you will need to use your own vehicle for select products delivery. To deliver great products, the company will also provide you with larger vehicles on certain conditions.

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