Rama Arrow Decoction for Coro’s Disease

Corona patients are advised to take a pill – a decoction with the drug. Not only the corona, but a few decoctions for cold, cold, fever, and chest pain that appear as the season changes.

Basil Decoction: This decoction requires 100 g of basil, 10 g of cinnamon, 10 g of neem leaf, 50 g of anise, 15 g of cardamom and 10 g of black pepper. Grind all these things, put two cups of water in a pot and heat it, When this comes to a boil, put half a tablespoon of this mixture in and let it boil for a while. Filter the mantra and drink it hot.

Cinnamon, basil, pepper, ginger decoction: This decoction is good for reducing cold and chest pain, while clove, basil, ginger and black pepper are beneficial for colds. This decoction improves digestion,

Decoction of cardamom and honey ghee: Respiratory distress is an early symptom of corona. Coronation need not be a respiratory problem alone, People who have trouble breathing should drink a decoction of cardamom honey. Put one tablespoon of cardamom powder into two cups of water and boil for at least 10 minutes. Then filter and drink a little cooled honey.

Decoction of cloves, basil, black salt: Cinnamon and Black Salt Decoction Relieve Sore Throat For making this type of decoction, boil two glasses of water with 8-10 basil leaves, 5 cloves and boil it well.

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