No more 3 days a week?

Four days a week work! Three Day Vacation! “Is this the nappa surprise? Of course not. The central government, which has abandoned labor policy amendment, has decided to give workers a sweetheart. This policy is expected to be implemented soon.

“The government has come forward to ease the pressure on working days. Many companies agree to work 4 days a week. Again, some organizations are contemplating 5 days a week, ”he said.

Contractual obligations: “Companies may allow 4, 5 or 6 days a week to work at their convenience. However, it is mandatory to enter into an agreement between the company and the employee for 4 days a week. Parliament approved four labor regulations last September.

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Work only 48 hours!
The draft policy also states that, although working 4 days a week, the total duty period of the week should not exceed 48 hours. That is, it is clear that the current daily maximum of 10.5 hours will be raised to 12 hours. There will be lunch breaks and other breaks during the 12 hour period. The draft agreed to give employees the freedom to choose this right – a 4-day job for 10-hour workers, a 5-day work for 10-hour workers.

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