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How to increase followers on Instagram:
Now, every month more than 35,000 people want to know about Kaise Badhaye’s Instagram followers because their followers are not growing. Because nowadays, increasing the number of 10,000 real followers on Instagram has become an extremely difficult task.

About 40% of users across India use Instagram and most of them do it to make movie reels and upload photos so that they can also become famous on Instagram. Because nowadays Instagram has become a means of making money on mobile devices, thanks to which Instagram creators earn 30-45 thousand per month.

These days, this is why all Instagram users want to quickly gain 10,000 followers on their Instagram. In such a situation, many Instagram users try many ways to increase their followers but their Instagram followers do not increase.

There are very few people who can quickly gain 10,000 followers on Instagram and have little experience, but nowadays it has become very difficult for a newbie to increase the number of active followers on Instagram.

However, it’s not that you can’t increase your Instagram followers. You can easily increase the number of real followers on Instagram. Just knowing how to increase followers on Instagram, you have some methods and tricks that you need to follow and apply yourself. How to increase Instagram followers for FREE in 2023?

If you want to quickly get 10,000 followers on Instagram in a day, you will also find many ways and apps to increase your followers. Although not so, if you want to increase the number of real followers on Instagram will be difficult for you.

You just need to be creative and take the time to grow 10,000 followers on Instagram. In such a situation, if you want to become famous on Instagram and increase your followers on Instagram for free, you must have a good mobile phone and good Internet, a good video editor, time, etc. If you follow all these tips step by step, your real followers will increase 100% and you will get 10,000 followers on your Instagram in just one month.

How to attract followers on Instagram 2023
For information, let us tell you that nowadays Instagram has become a way of making money online. However, to make money from Instagram, you need about 10,000 followers on your account. By the way, nowadays there are many ways to increase up to 1000 subscribers in 1 day.

Below we have given some tips to increase the number of real followers on Instagram, know and read that you can increase the number of organic followers on Instagram by 100%. You can increase the number of followers on Instagram without the application, which we will explain in detail in this article. Tell us how to increase real followers on Instagram:

1. Choose your theme or theme

If you want to be famous on Instagram, you must first choose the topic or field that you want to post on Instagram. The advantage of posting by choosing a topic is that your account has a higher chance of growing.

To do this, go to Instagram and search for a topic. This will let you know what people are posting about. You can post content under categories like comedy, cooking, beauty, dance, pranks, technology and motivation, and more.

Alternatively, you can also select trending topics and post content there. However, let us tell you that you have to work on your skills and knowledge. Like posting articles about how to make money, business ideas, etc. on our account @Virajgupta67.

2. Make your profile attractive

If you want to grow your Instagram followers quickly, you need to make your Instagram profile unique and attractive. This way, when people visit your profile, they will definitely follow you.

If you want to make your Instagram profile attractive, you should follow a few tips:

You need to upload a good profile picture, attract people and choose your profile picture well. In this section, you can use your brand’s photo or logo.

Fascinating biology:
Write your bio in an engaging and unique way. In this section, you can talk about your hobbies, interests and work. You need to write an impressive and engaging bio. In addition, you can also add a link to any of your websites or social networks like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

3. Switch your account to a pro account

In order for your publications and reels to reach more and more people, you must upgrade your account to a Professional Account. This is also very important for you because without switching to a pro account you will not be able to grow your account.

To switch to a pro account, go to account settings. Then tap Accounts and then tap Switch to business account below.

Now you have to select your category by clicking Continue. If you post a Story video, select Video Maker and Done.

Now you need to select the next Creator. If you are in business then choose Business, otherwise choose Creator. Then you need to complete four steps. Your account will now be converted to a pro account.

4. Keep your Instagram account public

Many users keep their Instagram accounts private, which is not suitable for creators. If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, you should make your Instagram account public so that people who see your posts and videos can know about you and your profile.

5. Post content daily

If you create an account by choosing a topic, try to publish at least one post per day, be it real photos or videos. Instead of uploading photos or scrolling videos directly, upload them only after a little editing.

We upload 1 video roll daily and sometimes photos, but the reels are posted daily. For your information, let us tell you that Instagram advertises reel images and videos more, so you should post more and more images and reel videos daily.

6. Post movies and photos in HD

Yes, if you want to quickly gain 10,000 followers on Instagram, try posting videos and photos in HD quality. Because Instagram promotes more HD movies and photos. Modify your coil well with it.


If you post a Story you will record a video up to 30 seconds long and upload it in HD quality with lyrics there is a good chance you will get subscribers shortly.

7. Use trending music

It has been seen many times on Instagram that posting reel videos to trending music received a good response and the number of subscribers also increased significantly. Just try to pick some good music that’s trending when creating a reel.

To find trending music on Instagram, visit Stories. If you see Arrow Up in the music of a movie video, it’s trending music with a lot of engagement.

8. Use hashtags in posts

Adding the right hashtags is very important to make any Instagram post go viral as it is common to see that people use a lot of random hashtags hence my posts. they don’t go viral but their account can also be banned.

That’s why you should use hashtags according to your content like we use #businessideas #motivational #moneymakingtips #Facts etc. in our publications. You should only put about 10-12 hashtags in your posts

9. Post at the right time

The right timing is also important to increase followers on Instagram. If the content is published at the right time, the chances of reaching more users increase. For example, if you post a video before 5 hours:

Posting at the right time is more likely to get a response. If you want, you can post even after 5pm: 00 hours. On our account, we’ve found that when we post content to Instagram at the right time, we get a positive response.

In such a situation, you also always try to post on your account until 5pm: 00 am and only after 5 am: 00 in the evening.

10. Share engaging stories on Instagram

A story is also very helpful, getting even better feedback. Many people make the mistake of posting Reels videos, they forget about Instagram stories. Just like how Reels posts videos and photos on a daily basis, it’s also important to share compelling stories on Instagram on a daily basis.

Intriguing Instagram stories keep your followers engaged, and they know and learn something, too. With this, your follower count will increase and with that, your followers will also remain active.

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